Working to Embed

Making some progress, or stalled? Getting more strategic?

There are many paths you can take when working to embed diversity and inclusion practices in a work culture.  Organisations are dynamic and while we think it's important to have a clear diversity & inclusion plan in place, things change and often do. We also know that not every organisation has a plan, and that's okay too. 

You may have tried to implement some ad hoc programs or sessions and found that impact waned, or that the focus on D & I needs to expand to drive the change that is required. We can help cohesively embed diversity and inclusion in your organisation. 

Initiatives at this stage of the journey typically include the establishment of D & I Councils, strategy development and action planning, and leadership training to develop awareness and skills to lead diverse teams with an inclusive mindset.

Embedding inclusive language and auditing talent management policies for unconscious bias are also key steps to drive or regain momentum. These are all part of the services and programs we offer.

When our clients are in this stage of the D&I Journey, we often provide leadership education to reduce unconscious bias and build inclusive leadership capability. We offer tailored and generic training solutions for our clients, as well as online training modules, and would love to speak with you about your needs. You can also read more about our approach here - Unconscious Bias or Inclusive Leadership Training.

Flexibility continues to be an area of focus as more organisations recognise the value of flexible work arrangements for employees and the business.  We offer a range of Flexibility Toolkits and Training Services.  

Diversity Partners draws on many years of experience working with CEOs, senior business executives and mid-level managers to help your organisation stay on track and deepen their understanding and ability to influence diversity-related change.

We partner with clients to ensure they continue to make progress regardless of what change is happening for them. We would be more than happy to speak with you about your needs. Please give us a call.