What Our Clients Say

Our approach is based on partnership – with you and your company’s stakeholders and with our experienced associates and thought-leaders.

Participants in our Inclusive Leadership workshops in 2018 have offered feedback such as  'the training was incredibly insightful', 'everyone should do this training - it was brilliant'.


Here’s what some of our corporate clients say…


Leo Foliaki, PwC New Zealand, Partner

'Diversity Partners has helped us make a meaningful step-change in how we understand and talk about diversity and inclusion within the firm.'


Dr Sue Barrell, Chief Scientist and Group Executive , Science and Innovation

 'The Bureau of Meteorology has taken great steps forward this year to build a more diverse and inclusive culture, and recently launched our first Gender Equality Plan. We started our journey by engaging Diversity Partners to research challenges and opportunities for us.

'Their research was extremely thorough, drawing on inputs from hundreds of team members and a range of data points relating to recruitment, retention, flexibility usage, and promotion. From this, we worked with Diversity Partners to develop a comprehensive action plan.

'This has been an exemplary partnership and we acknowledge the commitment, professionalism and passion of the team who worked closely with us, our ‘friends’ on this journey.'


michelle dixon
MADDOCKS, chief executive officer

‘Maddocks has made considerable progress in advancing diversity, particularly at partnership levels, and achieving a more flexible work culture. We greatly value the partnership we have with Diversity Partners, which has assisted Maddocks to institute highly effective flexibility programs and unconscious bias education for all of our partners and employees.’


Paul Landy, QSuper, Chief of People & Transformation

'Diversity Partners has worked in complete partnership with us from day one. They guided us every step of the way through the diagnostic and benchmarking process and delivered a high quality strategy that integrates with our HR and business objectives. Our board members acknowledged the impressive effort of the team at Diversity Partners.'


Catherine Whitehead, Lander & Rogers, Director Human Resources

'Lander & Rogers has embarked on a collaborative process with Diversity Partners to unpack diversity in its many forms and together we are building engagement, knowledge and capabilities in this area...they have been challenging our thinking and assumptions whilst taking on a 'diversity journey'.' 


Kate Weaver, DLA Piper (Australia and New Zealand), HR Director

'Diversity Partners has kept us focused on the key success factors for diversity progress. They have a very thorough, professional and energetic approach to everything they do – whether that’s facilitating our Diversity Council, developing strategic inputs or running ‘Inclusive Leadership’ programs for our partners.' 


Linda Heron, Melbourne Water, General Manager People & Safety

'Our leaders at Melbourne Water are much better equipped to hold conversations about flexible work arrangements, to address perceived challenges, and to implement effective work practices, as a result of the excellent workshops led by Diversity Partners. Their facilitation approach is practical, tailored, and engaging.' 



Jane Sherlock, Leighton Contractors, Executive General Manager, People

'Diversity Partners facilitated a very engaging session for our executive team. We came away with a much deeper understanding of the business case for diversity and the ways in which unconscious bias can limit diversity and our decision-making more generally.' 



Kristen Richardson, Golder Associates, HR Manager

'Diversity Partners has provided expert guidance to help us meet our objectives. They’ve worked hard to understand our business and engage leaders along the way on the importance of inclusive leadership. I recommend them to other organisations looking to take the next step on diversity. '



Paul Pfitzner, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, Head of Organisation Development

'Working with Katie and her team at Diversity Partners has been a real pleasure. Their professionalism, expertise and passion has contributed significantly to helping us shape our Diversity Strategy, and to ensure it builds on our values and strengths. Diversity Partners facilitated high-impact ‘Unconscious Bias’ workshops for 250 of our leaders. Self-awareness levels for these leaders has been heightened and their confidence to lead their teams with an even more inclusive mindset has increased.' 



Tim Goldenberg, Symbion Health, Group HR Manager.

'Well worth the investment.' 





Nadine Castle , Director,
The Culture Group

'I worked quite extensively with Diversity Partners during my time at Orica.  The team provided fantastic support at strategic level with practical project application and bought their extensive knowledge to our very complex global organisation.  I would highly recommend them as a partner to support your Diversity & Inclusion agenda.'


Rebecca Capper, (formerly)
HR Specialist (Diversity)

'The Met Coal business started its journey with Diversity Partners through the commissioning of a Diversity Diagnostic. This diagnostic assisted in identifying our key diversity challenges and provided the foundation for our current Gender Diversity Action Plan. As part of the delivery of this action plan, Diversity Partners worked closely with our Executive Leadership Team through the delivery of Inclusive Leadership sessions and the facilitation of our Diversity Council. The involvement of Diversity Partners on our journey has felt like a partnership with  shared goal – they are always interested, committed and enthusiastic about our D&I activities and their experience and expertise is highly regarded by our Executive team.' 


Paul Borg, Chief Counsel, Rio Tinto Projects, Growth & Innovation.

‘Since early 2017, Diversity Partners has been Rio Tinto Projects’ preferred I&D advisor. Diversity Partners helped Rio Tinto Projects to explore broader aspects of inclusion specifically in relation to infrastructure design, symbols, metrics and inductions. Their team also provided insightful training to our senior leadership team on inclusion and diversity, with a focus on unconscious bias. As a result of the successful engagement with Rio Tinto Projects, Rio Tinto Legal engaged Diversity Partners to run focus groups with the internal legal team to identify the key I&D challenges for the group.'


Janet Brown
Executive General Manager,
People and Culture.

‘Diversity Partners undertook thorough research to identify ways Telstra Super could accelerate our diversity and inclusion progress and achieve the associated benefits for our people and members. In the two years since this initial diagnostic, we’ve implemented a range of their recommendations, including the review of key people policies and practices such as recruitment, flexible work, gender pay analysis and unconscious bias training and implemented a number of awareness raising initiatives. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has resulted in an improved employee experience and an environment that genuinely supports the requirement for our people to flourish at work. 

We appreciated the rigour and objectivity of their feedback and recommendations to help set and refresh our course and value our ongoing partnership with the DP team.’


Paul McPhun
Executive Director
Médecins Sans Frontières Australia

“Through their considered and thoughtful diagnostic process, Diversity Partners has highlighted the strong cultural foundation we have to build on, as well as given us a clear pathway to minimise any identified gaps in advancing our inclusive culture. 

Our organisational purpose is strongly linked to serving diverse communities and by enhancing our employees’ sense of belonging and being valued for the difference they bring to work with them every day, will allow us to further enhance patient outcomes. We appreciate the practical recommendations included in our three-year Diversity & Inclusion strategy, as we now have a clear pathway to making change that is meaningful and has impact”.