Unconscious Bias & Inclusive Leadership Training

Diversity Partners draws on many years of experience facilitating face-to-face workshops to build ‘inclusive leadership’ and an awareness of unconscious bias.

We have worked with CEOs, senior business executives and mid-level managers to deepen their understanding and ability to influence diversity-related change.

We do this in a positive and constructive way, using experiential learning techniques that challenge traditional mindsets and engage the ‘hearts and minds’ of leaders, managers and employees. 

Unconscious or hidden beliefs – attitudes and biases beyond our regular perceptions of ourselves and others – underlie a great deal of our patterns of behaviour about diversity.”
— 2008 Diversity Best Practices: Proven Strategies for Addressing Unconscious Bias in the workplace.

Our unconscious bias program is designed to:

  • Create high-performance through leveraging the diversity of thinking, perspective and backgrounds of team members
  • Build understanding of unconscious bias and our reactions to difference in the workplace, and the impact these have on our decision-making
  • Demonstrate the commercial value of creating an inclusive workplace that supports diversity
  • Develop new or modified leadership behaviours, practices and structural supports to maximise the benefits of diversity and create a more inclusive work environment.

International research shows that diverse teams of problem-solvers outperform groups of the best individuals at creatively solving problems. Yet research in neurobiology and psychology demonstrates that similarity is easier for our brains to deal with, while difference is harder and therefore more uncomfortable. This explains why we gravitate towards ‘people like us’ and find it easier to make connections with those from similar backgrounds and with similar personalities.

One of the risks this creates is that we continue to hire and promote ‘in our own image’, thereby perpetuating a situation in which diversity is limited, and ‘group-think’ prevails in leadership teams.

Our inclusive leadership and unconscious bias program is designed for leaders at every level in business and government to help better manage diverse teams effectively. Leaders complete a self-assessment and identify immediate actions for themselves and their teams to promote an inclusive work environment.

Download our Inclusive Leadership - Building Awareness Program brochure, and our Inclusive Leadership - Building Skills brochure.

Download our Inclusive Leadership Program for Human Resources Teams here


  • Undertake the Harvard Implicit Association Test (IAT), the most effective online tool to gain greater awareness about one's own biases, preferences and beliefs.

  • Seek out feedback from your team and peers about whether your personal preferences and beliefs inadvertently hinder diversity.

  • Make a positive effort to learn more about the experiences of those not in your 'in-group'.