Think and Design

We are passionate about diversity and inclusion strategies that link with your commercial goals and take a future view of three years or more.

We are equally passionate about delivering to your immediate needs as you continue to embed diversity and inclusion practices in your organisation.

Whatever the ask, we take the time to think and consider what has worked well for you so far, and what has been less successful – to design a strategy and action plan for an effective combination of initiatives or for the best mode of immediate delivery. Where we can, we also leverage any diversity diagnostics undertaken within your business to identify your specific challenges and opportunities.

Developing D&I Strategy

Our methodology for designing and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy is based on international research and our practical experience with companies in Australia and overseas.

We identify the core strategic objectives that we believe will address the greatest needs and opportunities, and which reflect your commercial drivers and priorities. We assess your current state using our Diversity and Inclusion Index (2017) that draws on global benchmarks and our knowledge in the local market.

We produce a high-level strategy and detailed action plans to achieve your objectives. Our Diversity and Inclusion Dashboard gives you clear measures and targets to assess your strategic progress.

Those organisations with the greatest success typically embed diversity, inclusion and flexibility within their cultural values and norms. They are progressively ‘hard-wiring’ diversity into all their core people processes such as recruitment, promotion, remuneration, talent identification and development, succession planning and career management.

They also integrate diversity best practice into relevant business processes (such as procurement) and their customer value propositions, reflecting their broader commercial priorities.

Your business case

Having a strong and tailored business case is critical to gaining genuine executive support and building a sustainable long-term diversity strategy. We’ve worked with many companies to anchor their diversity strategy to their specific business objectives and desired culture. 

To ensure your business case is robust and compelling, we consider

  • employee and customer demographics

  • target markets

  • a range of other information resources drawn from your company

Diversity & Inclusion Council

Establishing an appropriate and effective governance structure to oversee your diversity progress is another prerequisite for success. Most of our clients choose to form a diversity council or some form of governance structure to build leadership engagement and accountability.

Alternatively, the executive team (or a sub-committee of it) can provide the necessary oversight. In either case, visible business ownership and leadership of the diversity strategy is critical. 

Our consultants have helped to establish and facilitate diversity councils for a range of businesses, including ExxonMobil, NAB, Coles Group, Origin Energy, Suncorp, SMS Management, Golder Associates, DLA Piper, and Dentsu Aegis Network.