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We work with clients to determine appropriate diversity solutions, such as unconscious bias awareness-raising, mentoring programs, refreshed talent management processes, and inclusive leadership skills development to help achieve systemic change.

To effectively execute your high-level strategy, a detailed implementation or action plan is important. This provides the detail of the interventions that are planned and their timing. It identifies the resources and support required, and allocation of roles and responsibilities for delivery. 

We offer a range of services and programs to embed diversity and inclusion in policies and processes and build inclusive leadership capability.


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+ We offer a range of half day and full day...

programs to build inclusive leadership capability and reduce unconscious bias. Our programs focus on diversity of thinking approaches and diversity of background/identity (such as gender, age, cultural background).

We've facilitated hundreds of programs in recent years in Australia and Asia for thousands of leaders - for boards, executive teams, and employees at all levels. We've worked in diverse locations - from the boardrooms of some of Australia's largest firms, mine sites in the Hunter Valley and Bowen Basin, to the club rooms of Australia's elite sporting codes.

Our program is customised for specific audiences: executives, general management teams, HR teams, boards, and front-line leaders.

Download our brochure about our Inclusive Leadership workshop here.

2. Review Talent Management Policies and Procedures to reduce bias

+ We analyse talent management policies and practices to ensure they are fair, consistent and inclusive.

Having an explicit commitment to diversity in talent identification is essential, according to the Business Council of Australia, ‘in order to avoid relying on personal preferences and existing masculine norms and culture – resulting from years of male-dominated leadership teams, and generic talent identification and development’.

We review your policy and practice across the talent management system - from recruitment, performance review, succession planning, to promotion. We recommend ways to:

• Reduce unconscious bias • Widen the talent pipeline • Invite alternative perspectives at key decision-points • Integrate best practice from a diversity and inclusion perspective

3. Embed Inclusive Language in Recruitment policies
and processes

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+ We review job advertisements, position...

descriptions, interview guides, shortlisting requirements, referee templates and other recruitment tools to reduce the potential for unconscious bias and suggest ways to seek more diverse talent pools.

4. Craft a diversity communications plan

+ Diversity Partners regularly advises our clients...

on the construction and content of a diversity communications plan. This typically describes target audiences and their needs, key messages, timing and sequencing of communications, and utilisation of available media. We can also help to ensure alignment between (and leverage of) a clients’ internal communications and its external profile and brand positioning.

5. Provide Flexible work toolkits and training

+ Diversity Partners provides a market-leading...

program called “Making flexibility work”, a 2.5 hour practical workshop that helps leaders and employees to effectively implement flexible work practices. The program explores challenges, communication essentials, and offers a four-step framework for an effective arrangement with several practical tip-sheets as a take-away.

We also provide detailed and customised toolkits for managers and employees to navigate the challenges of working flexibly and set everyone - employees, team members, customers and managers - for ongoing success.

Download our workshop brochure here.

Download information about our flexibility toolkits here.

6. Facilitate coaching programs

+ We coach leaders individually to strengthen...

their inclusive leadership skills and manage diverse teams effectively. Our facilitators are accredited to use a variety of leadership assessments, including Myers Briggs, LSR Human Synergistics, CQ Model.

We also provide Group Coaching for high-potential women. This is an effective part of an organisation’s diversity strategy to help achieve gender-balanced leadership teams.

Our structured group coaching program, or coaching circle, is a pro-active, cost-effective and proven way to advance diversity at the leadership level. More structured and targeted than other forms of networking, our coaching circles provide high-potential women with practical skills, peer support and feedback.

The coaching circles complement the broader development programs offered by Diversity Partners to challenge unconscious bias and develop inclusive leadership skills for Boards, Executive and leaders at all levels.

A coaching culture, developed through group coaching, can help build psychological safety for women, reduce feelings of ‘otherness’ in male-dominated cultures and increase a sense of belonging.

Download our brochure here.


+ Organisations develop mechanisms to capture...

and report key metrics. Without these, it is impossible for managers and leaders to understand how their business or teams are performing, and which areas require remedial action or improvement. Diversity is no different!

When organisations make an investment – even if that is simply the use of time by managers and leaders – they need to know what the return on that investment is. In other words, stakeholders in diversity progress (such as your diversity council and leadership team) need to know if programs and initiatives are working, and delivering the expected results.

Diversity Partners helps many of our clients to develop a set of metrics and reporting templates that are specific to their diversity strategy, and will provide the basis for measuring success in quantitative terms, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting.

We see Diversity & Inclusion reporting as good business discipline, but it is also critical to maintaining momentum, and retaining the support of key stakeholders.

Many clients like the concept of a ‘diversity dashboard’ where key metrics are presented graphically on one page, and can be quickly and easily understood.

In the right context, we also promote the value of selective diversity targets to drive focus, accountability, action and measurable outcomes. Targets can only be introduced if a method for measuring their achievement is in place.

However, there are some important fundamentals that underpin successful target-setting (such as demographic modelling, risk assessment, and a cohesive communications plan). We advise clients on their readiness to introduce diversity targets and, where appropriate, recommend an approach that is most likely to deliver the desired results.


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+ The composition of company boards and executives...

is now subject to significant scrutiny from a range of external stakeholders – government, regulators, industry and professional bodies, shareholders and investors, as well as community-based advocacy groups. As a result, board and executive team diversity is increasingly seen not just as desirable but essential – particularly as organisations are now recognising the benefits that this brings to critical strategic decision-making.

This means that, when senior leadership vacancies arise, the opportunity to build greater diversity into board and executive team composition is significant. We often find that, while there is no shortage of female or other diverse talent in the market place, this is not sufficiently reflected in the composition of candidate pools from which appointments are made.

The ability to create diverse candidate pools, together with robust selection methods, is fundamental to increasing senior leadership diversity – with a focus on ‘putting the best team in place’.

Diversity Partners offers our clients the ability to conduct targeted search to increase diversity on their senior management and executive teams and boards.

Organisations that recognise the commercial value of diverse, gender-balanced boards and management teams have an opportunity through our alliance to reach a broader pool of talented potential candidates

We see diversity reporting as good business discipline, but it is also critical to maintaining momentum, and retaining the support of key stakeholders.”
— Katie Spearritt


+ After the implementation of initiatives...

or whole programs, we follow through to ensure your diversity strategy and combination of practices is delivering the intended results and progressing effectively to meet your goals (drawing on our wide experience in managing large-scale cultural transformation projects). Where there are gaps or shortfalls, we can help identify appropriate actions to address these.

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