Ready to Measure your D&I progress?

Building your Diversity and Inclusion Dashboard

All organisations develop mechanisms to capture and report key metrics. Without these, it's impossible for managers and leaders to understand how their business or teams are performing, and which areas require remedial action or improvement. Diversity is no different! 

When organisations make an investment – even if that is simply the use of time by managers and leaders – they need to know what the return on that investment is. In other words, stakeholders in diversity progress (such as your diversity council and leadership team) need to know if programs and initiatives are working, and delivering the expected results.

Diversity Partners helps many of our clients to develop a set of metrics and reporting templates that are specific to their diversity strategy, and will provide the basis for measuring success in quantitative terms, as well as ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Diversity dashboard

Many clients use our ‘diversity dashboard’ where key metrics are presented graphically on one page, and can be quickly and easily understood. We advise on target setting and broader governance mechanisms.

Metrics tracked include:

  • engagement and inclusion scores
  • percentage of representation of targeted groups
  • flexibility participation rates
  • recruitment and attrition rates by gender and age
  • Parental leave retention rate

diversity & inclusion index

We assess your current state using our Diversity and Inclusion Index (2017) that draws on global benchmarks and our knowledge in the local market. The index provides guidance on what's needed for comprehensive and sustained diversity and inclusion effort in your organisation.