What We Did

  • Diversity diagnostic – interviews with senior leaders, focus groups, data and policy analysis

  • Supported the development of the Gender Equality Action Plan (launched 2017)

  • Inclusive leadership education

  • Resource Guide for fair and objective hiring


At the beginning of 2017, as we began the diagnostic process, the gender composition of the Bureau’s workforce was 30% females. At the end of 2018, it was 33.6%

The percentage of women in senior leadership (SES and EL2U) increased from 28% (as at June 2017) to 33% (December 2018) and the percentage of women in senior leadership team is now 37.8%.

The Bureau’s Diversity & Inclusion Statement is a key component of the Gender Equality Action Plan and is now visibly displayed in head office and regional offices throughout the country.

Other initiatives from the action plan implemented in the last 12 months:

· Organisation guidelines on achieving gender balance in meetings and forums implemented

· Targeted STEM outreach activities & Social Media campaigns to increase the visibility of women in STEM and promote STEM education and careers to girls/women

· Improving flexible working access and processes