Leading culturally diverse teams

Photo by bowie15/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bowie15/iStock / Getty Images

There are many aspects to developing cultural intelligence or CQ. Awareness of cultural biases, stereotypes and assumptions is critical, and there are some excellent global tools and assessments to build a leader’s CQ. See for example: culturalq.com

One practical element for leaders in culturally diverse settings is awareness of cultural and religious days that are significant for different cultural groups and may impact scheduling and resource planning.

Some of these include:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Tet Festival
  • Passover
  • Easter
  • Ramadan
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • Yom Kippur
  • Diwali
  • Christmas Day

For a 2016 calendar on countries’ national days, significant multicultural festivals in Australia, and events that are widely celebrated by Australia’s major ethnic and religious communities, refer to: https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/settlement-and-multicultural-affairs/programs-policy/a-multicultural-australia/government-building-social-cohesion/calendar-of-cultural-and-religious-dates