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All organisations are different, and every solution is

To get the full picture, we take the time to listen and recommend a range of discovery approaches so that when we take steps they take clients in the right direction - wherever they are on the D&I Journey.

diversity and Inclusion Diagnostic

For organisations that have yet to fully focus on making diversity progress, our recommended starting point is to conduct a Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic.  This is our assessment of your diversity challenges and opportunities, based on our data-gathering, detailed analysis, and knowledge of international best practice. 

We work with you to identify relevant sites, operations and staff for our research to ensure a comprehensive analysis is achieved. We conduct interviews, focus groups, and undertake surveys, policy reviews, and benchmarking to provide data that tells a clear picture of your opportunities.

Diversity diagnostics reduce the risk of ineffective and misdirected diversity initiatives for your business that waste time and absorb financial and human resources without achieving real change.”
— Dr Katie Spearritt, CEO

Our diagnostic:

  • Identifies specific unconscious biases and assumptions that may inhibit diversity, as well as operational or structural barriers.

  • Helps clients to identify their demographic ‘hot spots’ – such as areas where a high proportion of the workforce is mature-aged and likely to retire within the next five years, or business units that have a high attrition of valued female talent (both of which may create a business risk).

  • Informs the development of your diversity strategy and ensures this is appropriately targeted for maximum impact.

  • Provides ‘quick wins’ to accelerate your diversity progress as well as long-term, sustainable and systemic solutions.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images


One of our most highly valued services (from client feedback) is benchmarking. We provide our clients with detailed research reports of best practice by industry or sector, customised to ensure that relevant focus areas are compared.

The reports draw on Australian and international data, as well as our extensive exposure to major industries and sectors. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you compare your organisation against external benchmarks.


Metrics and statistical data enable organisations to measure the impact of their diversity ‘hard-wiring’ i.e. their policies, processes and frameworks. However, they cannot provide insight into the accompanying culture change that is also key.

You may like to think of an inclusive culture as the ‘soft insulation’ that surrounds and encloses the hard-wiring, and enables it to do its job as efficiently as possible.

Surveys – of employee attitudes and perceptions – are the primary means of assessing cultural change, and progress towards a fully inclusive culture. They also provide an opportunity to gather information about the demographic composition of a workforce – including data which does not form part of routine employment data, such as: ethnic / cultural origin or identity; sexual orientation and gender identity; disability; and parental or carer status.

Diversity Partners is able to help clients in the design, communication, implementation and analysis of a survey that meets their specific needs.