Developing Flexibility

Flexible work practices contribute to higher employee retention, engagement and productivity. 

Teams that work and collaborate flexibly on a regular and routine basis (and regard this as a cultural norm) are better prepared to respond to unexpected changes in demands and priorities. 

Firms with successful flexible work arrangements also have an advantage in recruitment and company reputation.

Diversity Partners provides a market-leading program called: “Making flexibility work”, a 2.5 hour practical workshop that helps leaders and employees to effectively implement flexible work practices.

The program provides action-based case studies and tools for managers and employees to negotiate and implement flexible work practices successfully.  Key objectives include:

  • Demonstrating the business value of flexible work practices
  • Challenging common assumptions or myths about flexible work
  • Developing inclusive leadership behaviours and practices to support flexibility
  • Providing a practical framework for and experience in negotiating flexible work arrangements
  • Developing ‘whole team’ flexibility solutions
  • Building a communication plan to support flexible work and manage stakeholder expectations

Our leaders at Melbourne Water are much better equipped to hold conversations about flexible work arrangements, to address perceived challenges, and to implement effective work practices, as a result of the excellent workshops led by Diversity Partners. Their facilitation approach is practical, tailored and engaging
— Linda Heron, General Manager People and Safety, Melbourne Water

You may also find our Flexibility Toolkits to be of interest. Take a look!